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Factory Supply Acid Red 97 At Good Price

Short Description:

Product Name:Acid Red N-3G
C.I.NO. Acid Red 97
CAS NO. 10169-02-5
Molecular formula:C32H20N4Na2O8S2
Molecular weight:698.6327

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Synonyms:C.I. 22890; C.I. Acid Red 97; C.I. Acid Red 97, disodium salt; C.I. Acid Red 97, disodium salt (8CI); disodium 4,4′-bis[(2Z)-2-(2-oxonaphthalen-1(2H)-ylidene)hydrazinyl]biphenyl-2,2′-disulfonate; Acid Red 97 (C.I. 22890)
Solubility:It is orange red in water, orange in ethanol and acetone and ethylene glycol ether. Adding concentrated hydrochloric acid to its aqueous solution produces reddish brown precipitation; Added to concentrated sodium hydroxide chemicalbook solution, it is red orange brown. The dye is red purple in concentrated sulfuric acid and deep peach red after dilution; It turns dark blue red in concentrated nitric acid and then turns orange.


Item Description
Name Acid Red N-3G
Color Index No. C.I.NO. Acid Red 97
Chemical Family Acid dyes
Appearance powder
Shade similar to standard
Tinting strength 200+/-5
Moisture 5% max.
Insoluble matter 1% max.
Degree of Fineness(80 mesh)% 5.0 max.

Application:Used for dyeing and printing of wool and its fabrics, as well as nylon and silk fabrics. All items have good fastness.
Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs paper carton.
Storage:Store in a cool and ventilated room and prevent moisture and heat.

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