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Offer Sulphur Black BR/BN Of China Manufacturer

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Product Name:Sulphur Black
Color Index No.: C.I.Sulphur Black 1
CAS NO:1326-82-5
Molecular weight:184.106

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Synonyms of Sulphur Black: C.I. Sulphur Black 1; C.I. Sulfur Black 1; 2,4-Dinitro-phenol sulfurised; Sulphur Black B/BR; Sulphur Black BR; Sulfur Black; Sulphur Black
Description of Sulphur Black: Sulfhur black is a high molecular compound containing more sulfur.Its structure, containing disulfide and polysulfide bonds, is unstable.In particular, under certain temperature and humidity conditions, the multi-sulfur bond can be oxidized by oxygen in the air to sulfur oxide, and further with the action of water molecules in the air to generate sulfuric acid, thus reducing the strength of the yarn, fiber brittle loss, serious fiber embrittlement into powder.So the yarn dyed with sulphur black must be careful of the followings in order to reduce or prevent fiber brittle damage:
1.Sulfide black dye dosage should be limited, mercerized special color dye dosage is not more than 700g/ package. Because the amount of dye is high, the chance of brittle hair is large, while the color fastness is reduced, and it is difficult to wash.
2.After dyeing,it should be fully washed to prevent washing unclean.Floating color on the yarn is easy to decompose into sulfuric acid in the storage process and to make fiber brittle damage.
3.Urea, soda and sodium acetate must be used for anti-embrittlement treatment after dyeing.
4.The yarn should be boiled in water before dyeing.After experiments,The brittleness of boiled yarns is better than that of distilled yarns after dyeing.
5.After dyeing, the yarn should be dried in time, because the wet yarn is easy to get hot in the process of stacking, which reduces the content of anti-embrittlement agent and pH value of the yarn, which is not good for anti-embrittlement. After drying, the yarn should be naturally cooled to bring the temperature of the yarn to room temperature before packaging. Because the drying is not cooled, immediately packaged, the heat is not easy to emit, to increase the energy of dye decomposition and acid generation, resulting in the possibility of fiber brittle.

Application of Sulphur Black: Dyeing the Cotton, Hemp etc, also can dyeing the leather and paper.


Item Description
Name Sulphur Black
Color Index No. C.I.Sulphur Black 1
Chemical Family Sulphur dyes
Apearance Black Granular
Shade similar to standard
Strength 200%
Moisture 6% max.
Insoluble matter 0.7% max.
Free sulfur content 0.5% max.

Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs iron drum/woven bag

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