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Good Quality Cationic Red 3R

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Product Name:Cationic Red 3R
C.I.NO. Basic Violet 16
CAS NO.:6359-45-1
Molecular formula:C23H29ClN2
Molecular weight:368.9428
Synonym:C.I. Basic Violet 16; 2-{(E)-2-[4-(diethylamino)phenyl]ethenyl}-1,3,3-trimethyl-3H-indolium chloride; 2-[2-[4-(Diethylamino)Phenyl]Vinyl]-1,3,3-Trimethyl-3H-Indolium Chloride.Aizen Cathilon Red 5BH;Apollo Cationic Red Violet 3R;Astrazon Red Violet 3RN;Cationic Red X-3R
Appearance:Dark red even powder.
Chemical property:When dyeing at high temperature (120 ℃), the color light is yellow. Compatibility value K=1.5.
Application:Cationic violet 3R is mainly used for dyeing acrylic fiber, and the color and light are stable when the pH value is below 5. It can also be dyed with diacetate fiber and nylon, but the light fastness is poor. It is also used for direct printing of acrylic fiber, diacetate fiber and acid modified polyester fabric.
Cationic dyes are a kind of textile dyes, also known as basic dyes and base dyes. It is soluble in water and in a cationic state. Cationic dyes can be soluble in water and ionized in aqueous solution to generate dyes with positive charged colored ions. Cations of dyes can combine with the acid group of the third monomer in the fabric to dye the fiber. It is a special dye for acrylic fiber dyeing, and has the advantages of high strength, bright color and good light fastness.
Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs paper carton.
Storage:Store in a cool and ventilated room and prevent moisture and heat.

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