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Why are direct (blended) dyes not suitable for denim textiles?

No matter what kind of denim fabric, they have to go through deep processing processes such as water washing, sand washing, sanding, stone grinding and enzyme washing before and after garment preparation. In deep processing, chemical agents are added more or less, and some are also processed by inlay, splicing and embroidery. The purpose is to show a unique style and sense of fashion. Because the vast majority of direct (blended) dyes belong to azo structure, with good water solubility and poor color fastness, they can not stand deep processing. After chemical and physical treatment, the phenomenon of color change is serious, especially after reducing agent, the azo group in the molecular structure of dye will be damaged and even become colorless compounds. It is understood that sometimes, in order to adjust the color light, it can only be used in the last process. Sometimes, it is useless even after being treated with color fixing agent. Strictly speaking, the color jeans dyed with direct (blended) dyes are of low grade and are mostly used for children’s clothes, but they are easy to process and cheap.

Post time: Apr-02-2022