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Introduction of Solvent Dye Mordant Dyeing

People have had a deep research on dyes long time ago. All kinds of dyes with specific colors make our world more colorful. But even if we have dyes, we will have a complete set of process flow to dye the goods. Many dyes can be directly adsorbed to the surface of articles, but this method is not strong enough, and it is easy to fade. So a more mordant dyeing method began to be accepted by people. Let’s introduce the mordant dyeing method of dyes in detail.


There are three main ideas for mordant dyeing. Let’s look at them separately. The first step is to put the fabric in the dye for about 20-30 minutes to dye the fabric. Then choose different mordants according to the different colors of the fabric. Generally speaking, the mordants that can be used include aluminum, iron, tin and other metal substances. Add these mordants to the hot water, and then soak the clothes in the solution containing mordant for 30 minutes. After such mordant dyeing, the color fastness of the dye will be better. There is also mordant dyeing before dyeing. If the water solubility of some dyes is relatively small, this method can be recommended. Let the fabric be mordanted first and let the metal ion bond to the fabric fiber, so that the dye can be attached more conveniently in the subsequent dyeing process. In addition, in China, mordant dyeing first, then dyeing, and then one mordant dyeing. This method is relatively more complex, but yes, the mordant dyeing effect must be better. Two mordants can further improve the color fastness of dyes.

Post time: May-16-2022