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Dyeing Mechanism of Leather Dyes

Leather dyes are compounds that make leather clear and hard. The physical and chemical processes of leather dyeing design, such as the adsorption from the dyeing bath to the leather surface, the diffusion from the leather surface to the leather interior, and the fixation in the leather interior, are closely related to the type of leather dyes, the type of leather, and the degree of leather neutralization.

Leather dyeing process and mechanism of leather dyes:

The basic process of leather dyeing can be divided into three stages: adsorption, diffusion and fixation. It is a complex physical and chemical process.

1. Leather dyes can be adsorbed on the surface of leather quickly from the solution, and the dyeing can reach equilibrium at the beginning.

2. The leather dye diffuses (infiltrates) into the inner layer of the leather, breaking the adsorption balance of the surface. At this time, the dye is absorbed from the dye bath to establish a new balance, so that the continuous diffusion and adsorption will advance the dyeing process.

3. Leather dyes are fixed on leather fibers. This process has both physical and chemical effects.

Process conditions control of leather dyeing: PH value, temperature, liquid ratio, application of additives, mechanical action and dyeing time. Leather dyes include acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, metal complex dyes and other dyes, among which metal complex dyes have excellent performance. The leather dye with excellent quality is fast in dyeing, full and bright in color, with good covering power and fastness in dyeing, as well as water resistance, sweat resistance, friction resistance and light resistance.

With the implementation of more and more strict ecological and environmental protection policies, people pay more and more attention to the green ecology of leather dyes, and relevant research has also emerged. The future leather dye products will continue to accelerate the development trend of green and ecological.

Our leather dyes have a complete color spectrum, with bright colors, good solubility, strong permeability, high fastness, high light fastness, high abrasion resistance and other characteristics. The products do not contain 24 aromatic amines and heavy metals banned by the EU.

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Post time: Feb-23-2023