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Cationic Red X-GRL



Product name:Cationic Red X-GRL

C.I.NO.Basic Red 46

CAS No.12221-69-1

 Cationic Red X-GRL,A deep red powder, has incredible solubility in water, making it a versatile and convenient choice for a variety of applications.

One of the main highlights of Cationic Red X-GRL is its excellent staining power. Specifically designed for acrylic loose fibers, fiber strips, and acrylic fleece, this product ensures vibrant, long-lasting color. Whether you are a textile manufacturer or a hobbyist, Cationic Red X-GRL will undoubtedly take your dyeing projects to new heights.

In addition, this remarkable powder can also be used for direct printing. Easily achieve stunning designs and patterns on a variety of fabrics. Cationic Red X-GRL makes the printing process simple and efficient, making it suitable for both large-scale production and small projects.

In addition, our products have excellent light fastness and wash fastness properties. Say goodbye to dull and faded colors from repeated washing or exposure to sunlight. With Cationic Red X-GRL, your creations will maintain their vibrancy and brilliance over time, ensuring customer satisfaction and product durability.

Cationic Red X-GRL not only has impressive color fastness, but also has impeccable lifting power. This property ensures that the dye is absorbed efficiently by the fabric, providing an even and consistent colouration. Enjoy great results every time you use it, as this product guarantees top-notch performance and reliability.

In terms of application, Cationic Red X-GRL is very simple to use. Simply dissolve the crimson powder in water to create a convenient dye solution that can be easily applied to desired materials. Its high solubility saves you time and effort for a hassle-free dyeing or printing experience.

Furthermore, our products are carefully formulated to meet the highest quality standards. So you can trust Cationic Red X-GRL to deliver superior results every time you use it. Its stable and reliable performance makes it ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Post time: Jun-25-2023