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Cationic Dyes

Cationic dyes are special dyes for polyacrylonitrile fiber dyeing, and can also be used for the dyeing of modified polyester (CDP). They are cationic when dissolved in water. Cationic dyes are soluble in water, ionize in aqueous solution, and generate dyes with positive charge colored ions. Cations of dyes can combine with the acid group of the third monomer in the fabric to dye the fiber. It is a special dye for acrylic fiber dyeing, and has the advantages of high strength, bright color and good light fastness.

Our strong products are Cationic Brilliant Red X-5GN, Cationic Pink FG, Cationic Red 3R, Cationic Golden Yellow X-GL, Cationic Red X-GTL, Cationic Turquiose Blue X-GB etc.

Post time: Oct-21-2022