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Acid Nigrosine

CAS NO:8005-03-6

C.I.NO.Acid Black 2

Introducing the versatile and highly effective Acid Nigrosine, also known as Nigrosine Water Soluble. This black shining crystal with a maximum wavelength of 570nm is a highly soluble dye that finds application in various industries, including leather dyeing, paper dyeing, soap dyeing, and electrochemical processes.

Acid Nigrosine features a highly distinctive colorant property that makes it highly effective for use in chrome mordant leather dyeing. It produces a blue-purple color when added to water and a blue color when added to ethanol. When added to concentrated sulfuric acid, it turns blue and dilutes to purple, after which it precipitates to produce a dark purple when sodium hydroxide is added to the water solution.

Acid Nigrosine has been used extensively in the leather industry for many years, as it is an excellent dye for tinting chrome-tanned leather. It offers excellent coverage, and the color holds exceptionally well, making it an ideal option for creating high-quality leather products. Its application is not limited to leather alone, as it is also suitable for dyeing paper, wood, soap, and electrochemical processes.

In the paper industry, Acid Nigrosine is a popular dyeing material for tinting certain grades of paper. It offers excellent colorfastness and a rich, deep hue that makes it highly sought-after for use in producing high-quality paper products. Additionally, it is also ideal for staining wood, and when used in soaps, its coloration property gives a beautiful and unique look to handmade soaps.

One of the most significant benefits of using Acid Nigrosine in electrochemical processes is its ability to color electroplated metals. The dye is highly soluble in water, making it easy to mix and apply to metal surfaces. Once applied, the dye attaches to the metal, creating a shiny and durable finish that lasts for a long time. This property makes Acid Nigrosine an essential dye for the electroplating industry.

In conclusion, Acid Nigrosine is a highly effective dye that finds broad application in various industries. Its unique colorant property makes it highly desirable for use in leather, paper, wood, soap, and electrochemical processes. Its water solubility makes it easy to apply, and its excellent colorfastness ensures that the coloration lasts for a long time. If you are looking for a high-quality dye that will enhance your products’ quality and appearance, look no further than Acid Nigrosine.


Post time: Apr-24-2023