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About Aniline Black(Nigrosine)

Aniline blackNigrosine) has strong coloring power, low dispersion energy, very strong light absorption and good color stability. Because of its strong adhesion in the paint, the pigment can also produce a matting effect (with a soft appearance). Aniline blackNigrosine) was discovered around 1860. It can be used in some occasions requiring extra darkness. It has been applied in many fields such as traditional plastics, leather making, printing ink, printing and dyeing, coating, etc., showing a strong vitality. The demand for safe performance, excellent quality price ratio, and products that meet environmental requirements is increasing. Aniline blackNigrosine) includes Water Soluble Nigrosine, Oil Soluble Nigrosine and Alcohol Soluble Nigrosine.


The main use of Nigrosine Water Soluble is for dyeing wool and silk, as well as leather dyeing (usually chrome mordant dyeing), paper, wood products, soap, and anodized aluminum, and for making ink.


Our company has been committed to the professional manufacture of aniline blackNigrosine)for more than ten years, and has been making constant efforts to develop to meet customer needs as much as possible. We strive to make a comprehensive introduction to our own performance, with a view to bringing you the greatest benefit in use.

Post time: Sep-15-2022