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Supply Metal Complex Acid Orange 88

Short Description:

Product Name:Acid Orange M-RL
CAS NO.:12239-03-1
Molecular formula:C17H14IN5O4S
Molecular weight:511.29
Synonym:Acid Orange RL;Lanyl Orange R;Acid Orange 88;NEUTER ORANGE RL;Dyalan Orange RL;Neutral Orange RL;Acid Orange NM-6R;C.I. Acid Orange 88;Trialan Leather Orange LRS.;C.I.Acid Orange 88:C.I.187321

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Appearance:Orange red to yellowish brown powder.
Application:It is mainly used for dyeing wool, silk, nylon and vinylon in neutral or weak acid dyeing bath, as well as direct printing of wool, silk and nylon fabrics. When used for the same bath dyeing of wool and other fibers, the color of silk is similar to that of wool, the color of nylon is deep and red and dark, the second chemicalbook acetate fiber is stained, and the cotton and viscose fiber are slightly stained. It is also used to mix neutral dark brown BRL with neutral gray 2BL, and mix red ballpoint pen oil with basic rose essence (C.I. basic violet 10). It is also used for leather dyeing.
Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs paper carton.
Storage:Store in a cool and ventilated room and prevent moisture and heat.

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